Launch of Fair Ways Staying Close Pilot

In 2017 Fair Ways was delighted to be chosen as one of eight organisations to pilot ‘Staying Close’, a government initiative for care providers to come up with innovative solutions to address the issues faced by young people leaving residential care. Currently young people leaving residential care go from 24 hour residential support to minimal or no support and are wholly unprepared
for adult life. For some young people this results in homelessness, unemployment and engaging in criminal activity.

Fair Ways proposal is designed to prove that:
1. By providing care to young people past the age of 18, their life chances are much improved.
2. Young people can be prepared for adult life through consistent meaningful support, training and education.
3. Our model will deliver care to age 21 AND will cost less than current care models to age 18, proving that additional costs to the state for young people between 18 and 21 would not arise.

In two years’ time all the pilots will be evaluated to see which has been the most innovative and effective. We would like to think that it will be the Fair Ways Staying Close model and that this will then be adopted across the country. Even if that does not happen, we are very proud of what we have already achieved. We were by far the smallest company that entered this pilot. We are meeting
our core values by being innovative about how we look after young people. The pilot is due to commence in February 2018.

Find more information about our Staying Close Programme here