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We recognise it can be difficult to differentiate between fostering companies, as many make similar promises. For us, 'making a difference' is found in the details.

We are a charity. Our motivation is not to maximise profit for shareholders, instead, we reinvest surpluses into our services to ensure that our foster carers and young people truly get the help and assistance they require.

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Are you thinking of becoming a foster carer? We believe that fostering is both a vocation and a career and we strive to meet both of those needs and the values that underpin them. If you believe you can make a difference to the lives of vulnerable children, please take the first step and enquire today.

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Experienced foster carers know that the level and quality of support is the key differentiator between fostering agencies, and vital to the success of placements. Fair Ways offer the high-quality support you need, when it really matters. We have proven time and time again that we deliver on our commitments to provide the highest levels of support and pay.

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Fostering is better with Fair Ways

We are part of The Fairer Fostering Partnership

The Fairer Fostering Partnership is a group of charitable and not-for-profit fostering agencies across the UK whose members look after over 2,000 children in care.

The partnership believe that where a surplus is made, it should be re-invested into children’s services; and that excessive profit has no place in the care of vulnerable children.

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Fostering with Fair Ways

As a charity fostering agency, we have built an award-winning reputation for excellence in providing high-level services for children and young people in the south of England since 2002 and were awarded an Outstanding rating in our latest Ofsted inspection. We are proud representatives of our parent organisation, Fair Ways Community Benefit Society – a charity dedicated to improving the lives of society’s most vulnerable.

Fostering is not just a life-affirming experience, it is also an opportunity to receive outstanding training and a generous payment package to make sure your family is comfortable. Many of our foster carers relish the opportunity to work from home and watch their families grow whilst being supported as a professional, with a company that truly cares about you as a person.

What is the role of a foster carer

Your Role

Every child is different, but they all need care, support and encouragement and most of all a home. Fair Ways foster carers are just as different, but all have consistently strong values that meet these needs.

Types of Fostering

We offer different types of fostering, from short term to long term placements, respite placements and specialist placements.


Fostering sits at the heart of Fair Ways. It was our first service and over time we have built an extraordinary range of children's services around it. All that knowledge and support is available to Fair Ways foster carers.

Foster carers pay

Pay and Allowances

We treat our foster carers as professionals and therefore pay our carers an allowance for their skills, commitment and care. Fair Ways ensures the highest levels of allowances are paid and reviews these payments regularly.

being a foster carer is a full time job


Fair Ways offers every carer the opportunity to work in our other services on a temporary basis. This ensures carers maintain a continued income whilst having an opportunity to increase professional skills and further career development.

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There are a few documents we have to make available for you to view which we would recommend reading. These are documents like our most recent Ofsted Report and our Statement of Purpose.

Your Frequently Asked Questions, Answered

Our team have put together a range of videos discussing their most frequently asked questions about fostering!

Becoming a Foster Carer Q&A

Watch our video to hear more from an experienced Fostering Social Worker

How long does it take?

Watch our video to hear more from an experienced Fostering Social Worker

What do you do as a Foster Carer?

Watch our video to hear more from an experienced Fostering Social Worker

Who can be a Foster Carer?

Watch our video to hear more from an experienced Fostering Social Worker

Will I be paid?

Watch our video to hear more from an experienced Fostering Social Worker

I have children. Can I foster?

Watch our video to hear more from an experienced Fostering Social Worker

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