Supported Living (SL)

Transition service offering accommodation, support, counselling and education to young people.

Preparing for the future...

We provide an accepting and safe environment to support young people to gain practical and emotional skills to live independently and engage positively in the local community.

How we work

Our aim is to provide stability, consistency and acceptance, with the emphasis on young adults being responsible for themselves. Our staff seek to support and advise, not to tell or instruct. Young people receive a comprehensive needs assessment upon entry to ISL. This needs assessment informs the level of assistance and the individual package of the placement.

Our Accommodation

Fair Ways have a number of SL homes across the south coast. They consist of small family homes and can accommodate between two and four residents at a time. Each young person has their own private room and shared communal areas. Our homes are ideally situated on local transport routes, colleges and local job opportunities.

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