2023/2024 Gender Pay Gap

Fair Ways is reporting the annual Gender Pay Gap (GPG) figures.

In Fair Ways there is a Gender Pay Gap due to more men being in more senior positions, however, in 2023/24 the GPG decreased on the previous year. Typically, a Gender Pay Gap arises as there are more men in senior positions,  however as part of Fair Ways longer-term strategy, more females are being promoted to senior positions in Fair Ways. 

Currently, our Operations Board has 2 women and 6 men, however, the next most senior level; the Senior Leaders team, is now 70% women. Also, the Trustee board is now a 50 / 50 gender split, however as Trustees are not paid, they are not reflected in the GPG figures.

Seeing women in higher positions is something Fair Ways does aspire to and shows that the company does promote females. Fair Ways has an equal pay policy where men and women are paid equally for the same role.

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