Fair Ways Foundation

Fair Ways Foundation was previously the holding company of Fairways Care (UK) Ltd. Today, Fair Ways Foundation is a standalone charity.

Our Story

Fair Ways Foundation was incorporated in April 2014 and registered with the UK Charity Commission (Registration Number 1159854) in January 2015.

The charity was formed by the shareholders of Fairways Care (UK) Ltd, a successful independent childcare company. They understood that, as small caring businesses get bigger, they can be targeted for takeover by larger businesses more focused on profit than the quality of care.

In 2021, Fair Ways Foundation assisted Fairways Care (UK) Ltd to become a charity in its own right. This subsidiary was subsequently renamed Fair Ways Community Benefit Society (FWCBS). Today Fair Ways Foundation and FWCBS operate as two separate charities.

Charitable Objectives

The charitable objectives of Fair Ways Foundation are:

- Address social exclusion
- Improve health and wellbeing
- Promote education and literacy
- Support vulnerable children and youths
- Support vulnerable people and families

Reputation Matters

Our Charity Trustees

Our team of experienced Foundation Trustees oversee the running of Fair Ways Foundation. They come from a range of backgrounds and are focused on achieving our charitable objectives.

Foundation Grants

Fair Ways Foundation will consider grant applications to causes that meet our charitable objectives.

Fairy Garden

Fair Ways Foundation provided grant funds to Fair Ways who, in association with Royal Victoria Country Park in Southampton, created a magical Fairy Garden in the park. This huge sculpture was carved from the stump of a felled cedar tree and contains turrets, a dragon, a wizard and fairies. In addition, Fair Ways school pupils created an oversized picnic area. The sculpture seeks to challenge perceptions about children in care and demonstrate Fair Ways commitment to creating a new life for service users. The sculpture was donated free of charge for use by all park visitors.

Autistic School

Approved in 2015, this grant was to establish and operate a DfES Special Needs School for children with Autistic Spectrum Condition (ASC) in Totton, Hampshire. The need for this service grew from a small annex for four children in another Fair Ways school, and the Foundation grant accelerated the opportunity for a separate twenty place Autistic school. The school has subsequently become the first in Hampshire to be awarded the Aspiring Accreditation from the National Autism Society.

Education and Training Centre

In 2016 Fair Ways Foundation provided a grant to establish a dedicated Education and Training Centre for young people aged over sixteen. The centre in Fareham, Hampshire was developed to feel like a community centre, with a games room/pool table, kitchen, music studio and art studio. Separately, the centre provides wellbeing support and educational support in the transition back to mainstream education or future career paths.

CQC Registered Care Home

The Foundation provided a grant to assist develop a Specialist Residential Therapeutic Care Home for service users aged 16-25 with psychiatric or mental health conditions. This service delivers effective treatment, rehabilitation and recovery to service users whose needs cannot be met by less intensive mainstream mental health and learning disability services or require a transition from inpatient services to the community.

Education Grant

Fair Ways Foundation provided a grant to enable a young person who was orphaned in South Africa to complete her education. She was orphaned at five years old when both parents died from AIDS. This grant covered the final four years of her education in secondary school.

Foster Child

Caroline was a foster child with Fair Ways, but her funding was placed in doubt when she reached 18, despite having been with her carers for 12 years. She is a talented student and grant funds were provided to enable her to remain at home and complete university applications. Caroline completed her studies and has secured employment in a great job.

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