What we offer

Fair Ways Contact Service offers the opportunity for families to re-establish a relationship between themselves in a safe environment when families have experienced a breakdown or separation. We provide a team of experienced contact supervisors for contact types including, supervised, supported, community and handovers.

Reputation Matters

Supervised Contact

A fully supervised contact where the content is recorded. Often these notes are provided to the Local Authorities and may be shared with HM Courts. The recorded notes are sent out to both parents, so they have a clear record of the contact sessions.

Supported Contact

We provide a safe environment in one of our two centres for children to meet family members A Fair Ways staff member will oversee the time you spend between you and your child and will be available to support as required.

Community Contact

We offer contacts in the community allowing children to spend time outside of a centre with their family member and a member of Fair Ways staff. We can also offer community contacts as supported or supervised contact sessions with full notetaking.


We can offer a transport service to take a child to and from the contact, for an additional cost.

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