Foster carer support

Unrivalled, outstanding support for foster carers and their families, when it's needed most.

Supporting our Foster Carers

Fair Ways provides world-class levels of support to carers, ensuring they have the skills and confidence to enjoy a rewarding professional career. Experienced foster carers know that the level and quality of support is the key differentiator between fostering agencies, and vital to the success of a placement.


You will have a dedicated Social Worker, who is assigned a maximum of just 10 foster carers. This ensures they work closely with you and are available in times of need. We provide regular formal supervision and have weekly contact. We will visit your foster child a minimum of every four weeks and any birth children quarterly.

Therapeutic Support

Fair Ways directly employ professional therapeutic guidance and resources to support you and your foster child as required. There are no additional charges for these services.

National Membership

Fair Ways pay for approved foster carers membership to the national foster care organisation - The Fostering Network. They can provide support and offer regular newsletters, as well as access to independent advice and representation.

Dedicated Support Workers

Young people can benefit from specific 1:1 work with a consistent support worker that they can build a relationship with and work through any behavioural or emotional difficulties. Fair Ways provides dedicated fostering support workers to ensure we can offer you and the child in your care extra support, in addition to your named social worker.

Education Facilties

Promoting education is a key Fair Ways belief. We have our own Ofsted registered specialist schools for young people and achieve excellent results. Foster children may access this facility and we closely support our carers to assist with this.

Respite Care

We recognise the importance of you having a break. We actively promote respite, as this can be key to the success and longevity of your placement, giving you a chance to recharge your batteries. Young people can spend time at other foster carer’s homes or spend some time away with their dedicated support worker.

That's not all though...

We really take care of our foster carers and provide a benefits package to help support you.

14 days paid holiday a year

24/7 support available from a person you know

A bespoke support and respite arrangement

Mentoring programme from another foster carer

Carer support meetings to share experiences

Play and activity schemes for both foster and birth children

Opportunity to work across other Fair Ways services

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