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Our Residential homes accommodate young people from a variety of backgrounds, including care leavers previously in fostering or other residential children's homes, or non-care leavers such as unaccompanied asylum-seeking children. Fair Ways children’s homes are detached houses with plenty of outside space, situated in desirable rural, or residential areas with good access to links to the local transport and community.


Located near Bournemouth town centre, this home can accommodate up to three young people and has a real sense of community, with lots of local transport links. This home focuses holistically to meet the complex needs of the young people placed, with great success.


Located in Portchester, this home can accommodate up to four young people and prides itself on having a warm and accepting atmosphere. It is conveniently located just a short distance from the town centre and has a large garden for outdoor activities.

Manor Farm

Opened in 2006, this home is set in just under three acres of land and can accommodate up to 5 young people. It provides good transport links to the local community, with a bus route and nearby train station whilst local orchard and paddock provide respite from busy city centres.

Garden House

Opened in 2020, this home is located in the rural area of Wickham, providing good transport links to both Portsmouth and Southampton. This home features a bespoke music room, a lovely courtyard and expansive gardens.

Birch Grove

Situated in the Brecon Beacons, this home is ideally placed to provide outdoor activities and offer some distance from community distractions that have proved to be disrupting factors in some placements.

Ty Rhos

Based in Wales, Ty Rhos is Fair Ways Crisis Intervention home, focussing on building a platform to create lasting relationships and look at pro-social coping skills to assist transition back into the community.

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