About Us

Fair Ways is a charity. We strive to make a difference through the provision of passionate care, support and education that children and adults in care deserve.

Our Story

Fairways Care (UK) Ltd was established in 2002, having previously been the fostering subsidiary of Cornerstone Foster Care Ltd. From the outset, the company sought to deal with the most difficult and vulnerable children, to provide stable placements and provide world-class care and support.

In September 2021, Fairways Care (UK) Ltd registered as Fair Ways Community Benefit Society, a charity, regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

The charity trades under the brand name, Fair Ways. It continues as a successful business with the innovation, flexibility and creativity of the private sector, merged with the ethics and values of a charity.

History of Fair Ways

  • 2022

    Fair Ways move into new Central Support offices in Lakeside North Harbour. Our training department leave Fort Wallington offices to rejoin Central Support services

  • 2022

    Our first face-to-face Conference in three years following the COVID-19 pandemic

  • 2021

    Fair Ways acquire School Camp Ltd and rebrand as Fair Ways Outdoor Adventures. This service will offer outdoor holidays and adventures for service users within Fair Ways and a base for leadership courses

  • 2021

    Following a fire at Fair Ways School in Swanwick, a new school was built in just 13 weeks, whilst education continued off-site.

  • 2021

    Post 16 home, Hillside is opened in Bath

  • 2021

    Fair Ways head office in Southampton is closed and a new Central Support office in Portsmouth is opened

  • 2021

    Fair Ways Residential Family Centre adds a step down service next door to the main unit in Southampton

  • 2020

    Fair Ways school in Totton is re-registered as a specialist ASC provision under the name GLADE School

  • 2020

    Birch Grove children's home opens in Wales

  • 2020

    Garden House children's home opens in Wickham

  • 2018

    Our first cohort of 13 staff attended the inaugural Future Leaders Programme in 2018, with great feedback and reviews!

  • 2018

    Secure Escort service is launched, providing safe transport for young people throughout the UK

  • 2018

    Fair Ways Contact service opens, offering families the opportunity to meet and conduct visits in a safe and monitored environment in Southampton

  • 2018

    The Hub is established, offering specialist therapeutic support, games room and specialist music room to service users within Fair Ways

  • 2016

    Fort Wallington school site opens in Fareham to help transition students into full time education, training or employment

  • 2016

    Outreach service is launched to provide support within the community

  • 2016

    Fair Ways opens its first CQC registered, health service home, Athelstan Place in Southampton

  • 2015

    Fair Ways opens autism (ASC) specialist school in Totton, Southampton

  • 2015

    Training Centre established and registered with awarding bodies

  • 2015

    Bridge House, a post 16 step down provision is opened in Southampton

  • 2015

    Residential Family Centre moves to new bespoke premises in Southampton

  • 2015

    Fairways Care (UK) Ltd purchased by Fair Ways Foundation charity. Company trades under the brand name 'Fair Ways'

  • 2013

    Opening of Cranbury Post 16 home in Southampton

  • 2013

    Fair Ways goes international: Opening of Ty Rhos Bach Crisis Centre in Wales

  • 2013

    Fair Ways opens original Residential Family Centre in Southampton

  • 2011

    Fair Ways launch Post 16 service. Opening of Crowther home in Southampton

  • 2009

    Paddington Grove children's home opens in Bournemouth

  • 2008

    Our second children's home, Portchester Road opens in Portsmouth

  • 2007

    Fair Ways Education is established and quickly followed by the opening of Fair Ways School in Swanwick

  • 2006

    Fair Ways launch new Residential Children's service. Manor Farm Cottage children's home opens in Southampton

  • 2005

    Fair Ways Fostering service launched in Southampton

  • 2005

    Fairways Care (UK) Ltd is established following a management buyout of Cornerstone Foster Care Ltd

Our Impact

From humble beginnings, a single office and 15 dedicated staff, today Fair Ways employs over 350 staff across a broad range of children's services.

Fair Ways delivers a comprehensive range of services to children and young people. These include Residential services, Education services, Healthcare services and Family Services that are described in more detail on this website.

Our service relies on having the best possible staff team. We invest hugely in staff training, development, welfare and wellbeing.

We believe that by retaining well paid, well trained and well-supported staff, we will become one of the leading providers of care services in the UK.

The Fair Ways Team

Our experienced team of Executives and Directors oversee the running of Fair Ways. They live and breathe our values, come from a range of backgrounds and are focussed on achieving our vision and mission.

Mac McHugh

Chief Executive Officer

Gareth Webb

Managing Director

Rob Jesson

Finance Director

Laura Rowe

Director of Health & Education Services

Paul Moran

Director of IT & Communications

Jonathan Loney

Director of Residential & Family Services

Harriett Whitren-Jones

Director of Human Resources

Wayne Okell

Director of Talent & Performance

Matthew Collins

Director of Quality & Governance

Our Vision

To build an institution that makes a difference to society and leaves a legacy greater than ourselves and our contributions

Our Mission

To make a difference through passionate care, support and education

Our Values

Fair Ways have four core values. Each and every member of Fair Ways is expected to play their PART and help others do the same. These are the lifeblood of our culture and are not negotiable.

2022 Impact Report

Fair Ways publish an annual Impact Report. This combines the social impact of our charitable activities and an annual report of our trading activities.

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Fair Ways CBS Trustees

Our team of experienced Trustees oversee the running of Fair Ways Community Benefit Society (CBS).

They come from a range of backgrounds and are focused on achieving our charitable objectives.

Anne Segall

Interim Chair (Fair Ways CBS)


Mac McHugh

Chief Executive Officer


Alex Whitfield



David Pilgrim



Our Corporate & Governance Structure

Watch our video to fully explain how we govern Fair Ways Community Benefit Society and Fair Ways Foundation charities.

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