Crisis Intervention

Supporting young people to distance themselves from negative influences in the community.

What we do

Ty Rhos and Birch Grove offer young people who have experienced trauma and possible placement disruption, who may then present with behaviours of concern. The homes offer a highly structured programme of outdoor activities to support reintegration into local communities.

  • Its lovely seeing the young people make such progress in their time with us. I think of it like a reset button for them, quite often that's all they need to see big changes

Our Aim

Placements at Ty Rhos and Birch Grove provide young people with a circuit breaker from their current environment. We aim to form connections with young people and provide opportunities to develop their self-esteem and identity in readiness for them to transition to their next placement.

During the 12 week stay we use our model of care to support the young people which focusses on 7 Cs- Confidence, Control, Connection, Character, Competence Contribution and Coping Skills.

Our main objective is to provide young people with a safe, therapeutic environment with experienced staff, to support their needs and educate them on using techniques to express and control their emotions in socially acceptable ways; rather than display behaviours of concern.

How we work

Situated in the heart of the Brecon Beacons, young people placed here engage in a programme of outdoor activities. These provide a platform for building relationships and therapeutic work focusing on self-esteem, identity and the development pro-social coping skills to keep themselves and others safe before transitioning from the home.

Outdoor Activities

We offer a range of outdoor activities with our staff qualified in everything from gorge walking, rock climbing, abseiling, caving, hill walking, mountain biking and coasteering.

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Our Homes are all inspected by the Care Inspectorate Wales. 

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