Fair Ways nominated in three categories in Best Companies Awards

We have just received the initial results of the Staff Engagement Survey (Best Companies lists) and the very positive news is that our overall score has increased and after such a difficult year for everyone, we are pleased that we continue to have outstanding levels of engagement at Fair Ways.

Some headlines are as follows:

  • Fair Ways remains a two-star company, and with an overall score of 729.6, is just over 8 points short of being categorised as a three-star company, which is the highest possible level. This is an excellent result.
  • Staff identify very strongly that they are proud to work for Fair Ways and that we clearly are a values-based company.
  • Staff enjoy the teams they work with and identify positively towards their managers.
  • Our biggest increase is in ‘Giving Something Back’ – a very positive recognition by staff of our corporate social responsibility actions in the past year.

We have been advised that Fair Ways will be ranked in all three of the following categories: 

  1. Charity’s 30 Best Organisations to Work For
  2. The UK’s 100 Best Large Companies to Work For
  3. A Regional Listing

“This annual survey is just one piece in our quest to genuinely be the best place to work. We continually strive to make a difference through passionate care, education and support to all and we can only achieve this by working together, listening and continually look for opportunities to improve.  This is our fifth year to enter these awards and we have consistently shown great levels of staff engagement“.

Gareth Webb, Managing Director

The full results will be announced on Friday 21st May. The event will showcase the best companies to work for and we are proud to say that we are one of them and really excited to see where we are ranked. If you would like to join us, you can get a ticket at www.bestcompanies.live

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