Being a Youth Worker with Fair Ways is the best!

It’s a bold statement but we believe that working with children and young people is the best job possible. At Fair Ways, we look after children and young people who have been placed in the care sector. Despite many preconceived notions about children in care, we have the opportunity to work with brilliant young people every day. And, we get to make a real difference to their lives!

Our services range from fostering to residential children’s homes, and even a residential family centre that works with parents and babies. The role of a support worker varies across our services, offering an opportunity to develop a variety of skills, but at its core, the role is still the same, – making a difference.

We could try and detail the specifics of what being a support worker for Fair Ways looks like, but we prefer to let our staff put it in their own words.

And in their words, it’s fun and like being a child again!

Working as a support worker for Fair Ways will be as fun and engaging as you want it to be. If you’re happy going on outdoor adventures, you’ll get to experience going on bike rides, hikes, high-rope adventures and even residential holidays.

If you’re prepared to spend a pamper day with a young person who wants to paint their nails or plait their hair, you can combine it with a key work session and use that time to build a relationship and bond.

The recurring theme we hear from our support workers is that you will have fun on each shift, with no two days the same and when you go home, you can do so knowing you’re making a real difference.

The vital thing we look for in our support workers is the softer skills and core values. Fair Ways can train you to be the best, but only if you’re prepared to be the best for the young people in our care.

As we said at the start, being a support worker with Fair Ways is the best!

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