Fair Ways School receives ‘Good’ rating from Ofsted

Fair Ways are delighted to inform you that we have received a ‘Good’ Ofsted rating at Fair Ways School in Swanwick and Fareham, following an inspection undertaken in March 2022.

Following a somewhat turbulent year at Fair Ways School, including a fire that saw the school buildings rebuilt in a short 13 week period, this Ofsted rating is seen as a huge success.

We have seen countless young people make progress in academic subjects and personal developments that they themselves doubted their ability to do so. We have also seen staff and parents/carers support students in keeping the enthusiasm and love for schooling during the global pandemic spanning nearly 2 years.

Leaders have devised a curriculum that helps pupils to make up for lost time. Staff work incredibly hard to find out what pupils know already, and their ambitions for the future. Using this, they design a curriculum that fills in the gaps in pupils’ knowledge and builds on their understanding. Staff are patient, knowledgeable and provide clear instructions. This helps pupils to understand and complete challenging work.

Ofsted, 2022

Whilst our Ofsted rating may say ‘Good’, we believe we have outstanding staff, outstanding students and a relentless drive and passion to deliver outstanding education and support to everyone at Fair Ways School.

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