Fair Ways RiiSE Programme (Relationship Inspired Ideas for Supportive Environments)

‘Measure us by the difference we will make in the world’

We have been using our time wisely during the pandemic to research and design a methodology that will totally transform our organisation; we aim to provide and empower all our people with the skills to be compassionate, curious, reflective, and relational. We want to shift them from a place of ‘knowing‘, to ‘doing’ with confidence; to become skilful, trauma-responsive professionals working within a like-minded, caring, and compassionate community.

And so, our RiiSE programme was born.

We have recently trained 17 of our highly knowledgeable and experienced staff as in-house Professional Coaches, to help our people ‘learn in the flow of work’. No matter what role an individual has in our organisation, we will all learn together, as ultimately, we are all on the same mission – to improve the lives of those we care for.

If you want to learn about yourself, stretch your own boundaries, and genuinely want to make a difference in the world, then come and join us; we need truly inspiring people to help us shape the future.

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