Farewell Paddington…

We recently announced that Paddington Grove was closing due to the reasons that as a property, it does not meet our current models of residential care and faced ongoing challenges in recruiting a staff team in the area.   

Although the official closing date is 10th June, today is the effective final day for Paddington Grove as a Residential Children’s Home as the last young person has just left.

However, it’s important we mark and acknowledge the tremendous contribution this home and the team have made to Fair Ways.

Paddington Grove was opened by Fair Ways on 29th April 2009.       

Over the past 13 years, Paddington has provided a loving home to 14 young people, and the following are noted in particular:

  • LW – was our first resident. In fact, Paddington was opened for him as a solo placement.
  • JC – arrived in Paddington through our care pathway from our Wales Crisis centre. Today she is in a settled family environment and is a proud parent of her own child.
  • MP – arrived in Paddington following an Adoption breakdown. Again, has successfully transitioned on our care pathway and is now a successful placement with a Fair Ways foster carer.
  • AL – As one of our more recent YP’s many current staff will know him. Again, he is also now successfully transitioned to a foster placement.

In addition:

  • Paddington was the proud recipient of an ‘Outstanding’ rated Ofsted report in July 2016.
  • And the overall winners of Fair Ways in Bloom (2020) with the most innovative design and sustainable garden seen to date.

A huge thank you also to the Paddington team. There are too many to list and at their request, we will not be highlighting any individual staff members.  Some team members are staying with Fair Ways, in other roles and some have chosen to leave, and do so with our very best wishes and thanks.

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