Fair Ways School in Swanwick Welcomes Students Back

Today marks a key date for everyone close to Fair Ways Education.
Today is the day that Fair Ways School in Swanwick reopens.

Following a fire on Friday 9th July, Fair Ways School in Swanwick was forced to close and put emergency plans in place to ensure the continued education of students for the remainder of the term.

In the short time since the fire, teams have worked tirelessly around the clock to ensure a new school site is in place and ready for students to return to full-time education.

The new site is contained in the surrounding ground of the old school buildings and is set to welcome students back for the first time since the fire, this morning (Monday 27th September 2021). Communication with parents and guardians throughout the project has seen excitement build, with an Open Day for members of the public and key stakeholders likely to be scheduled for later in the term.

Additionally, Fair Ways will shortly release a video featuring the challenges of the project and the monumental effort that has gone into resurrecting the school site over the last 11 weeks. In the meantime, and as a teaser for what’s to come, we are pleased to release the following photo of the school.

Once again, we would like to thank all staff, students, contractors and the local community for helping Fair Ways fulfil our wish in ensuring our students were able to continue to receive high-level teaching from a safe and nurturing environment.

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