Fair Ways launch 2020 Backpack Appeal

Each winter, Fair Ways commit to a charitable campaign to assist those in our local community. This year, for the third year running, we will be running a Backpack Appeal in partnership with local homeless shelters.

We aim to collect and distribute a minimum of 200 backpacks to homeless people in need this winter. Each bag costs between £8 – £10 to be filled and will contain a range of essential items including medical supplies, cereal bars, gloves, socks, a hat and sanitary items.

Many people find themselves homeless and whilst there is no ‘good time’ to be living on the streets, we would like to provide supplies during the cold months as it is during these months that people generally struggle the most.

Due to COVID, we know it may be easier for some people to simply donate money instead of venturing out to local stores to buy the supplies. We have put together a GoFundMe page where you are invited to donate towards the purchasing of items which will then packed by the young people and service users in our care and distributed by our partner charities.

Fair Ways are actively seeking to develop our ‘giving back’ through a range of creative experiences for children and young people both in our local area but also through specific projects on a national and international basis. These projects will always have their roots in assisting deprived children or providing education or providing life-changing experiences.  

Join us in helping the less fortunate this Christmas!

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