Fair Ways Residential Family Centre Rated Outstanding by Ofsted

Fair Ways is delighted to announce a second consecutive Outstanding Ofsted rating for our Residential Family Centre (RFC). This is a fantastic achievement and a wonderful endorsement for the team and represents the accumulation of years of hard work.

What makes this achievement more remarkable Is the fact that the centre is rated Outstanding in all categories.  There are approximately 80 Residential Family Centres in the UK and just 2 others, in addition to Fair Ways have achieved this standard.  Fair Ways RFC is the leading centre in the South of England, providing positive experiences for children and parents and delivering the highest quality of care daily.

The report is a positive read from start to finish, some of the key quotes include;

“Families receive consistently high-quality support and guidance in this centre. The staff help the parents to achieve their goals of providing good care to their children and promoting their long-term development.”

“The training programmes delivered to families are a significant strength of the centre.”

“The close working with parents is remarkable. Staff seek the parent’s views and wishes in several ways, to ensure there are opportunities for their voices to be heard.”

“Families have exceptional day-to-day experiences at the centre. The staff work to empower the parents rather than judge them.”

“The staff support parents to make positive choices for their children. This helps to build parents’ confidence and their capacity to care for their children.”

“The clear and consistent boundaries in the centre help parents to feel that their well-being and safety are paramount. Parents trust the staff and value their skills, knowledge and experience.”

The full report can be found here

Gareth Webb, MD Fair Ways said “I’m very proud of the continued Outstanding rating for Fair Ways Residential Family Centre and thank the team for their continued dedication to making a difference The whole Fair Ways community congratulates the team for this achievement”

To find out more about our family centre please visit their website here

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