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Are you already a foster carer? Do you think your with the best agency for you? Are you well supported, well trained, well respected?

Have you ever thought about transferring to Fair Ways; a not-for-profit fostering agency that believes in making difference.

One of our lovey foster carers had this to say about transferring to Fair Ways…

We have fostered for ten years, working for a local authority and then an IFA over the first five years. After many changes of Supervising Social Workers and having to retell our family story and lack of consistent support for my looked after children, we nearly gave up.

The thought of not helping children in crisis, when I had the skills needed, spurred me to look elsewhere. I looked locally and rang the IFA/charities asking how long their social workers had been with them. I stumbled across Fair Ways and their answers proved that their social workers had been there since the formation of the company. I believe that if a company treat their staff well then they will stay. I met exceptional members of the team who encouraged me to work with them. We took the plunge and transferred to Fair Ways five years ago.

I have had consistent care and support from my current wonderful Social  Worker (who was a carer herself and so understands all the pressures and needs) and have had incredible support from the whole team. When life is tough and a crisis or special event happens they will do their utmost to support, provide respite and care. For us, this has made a huge difference and just wish we had found them earlier. Fostering is a challenging occupation but when you have a team working with you it can be the most rewarding experience.”

These are a few questions we get from people wanting to transfer to us

Q1 – Can I apply to Fair Ways if I already work for an agency or the Local Authority?

Yes you can.

We would still undertake a fostering assessment, as this is the best way we learn about you as individuals and assess your suitability to foster for Fair Ways and match your skill set to the differing types of foster care. But with permission from your current agency, we can utilise information previously gathered, in your fostering assessment; which will speed up the transfer process.

Q2 – I already have children in placement, can they transfer with me?

Yes they can.

As part of the assessment process we would organise a meeting with your current agency and the local authority who placed those children, to ensure that Fair Ways has all relevant information; in order to best support you and the children in your care.

For more information please refer to the Fostering Network Transfer Protocol 2014.

Q3 – Is there a difference in the allowances?

Allowances vary between Fostering Agencies and Local Authorities, but Fair Ways are competitive and we feel our generous allowances appropriately reimburse our carers for the good work they do.

Q4 – What support do I receive from Fair Ways

Fair Ways Supervising Social Workers have Low caseloads, meaning they can offer support when you need it the most. You also have access to a pool of support workers, an in house therapeutic hub provision and our other services such as education and residential settings.

We also have our foster carer support groups for you to attend and an on-call phone number which is manned by a Social Worker, 24/7.

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