Making a difference, Leah’s Story

Every October The Fostering Network runs a Son’s and Daughter’s campaign which looks to recognise the contribution of birth children of foster carers. We would like to take this opportunity to say a big Thank You to all the Birth Children at Fair Ways. We recognise the important role that each play in welcoming fostered children into their families. Without exception, they show empathy, kindness and understanding. They are all Fostering Superstars!

This year we were delighted at the wonderful news that one of our birth children Leah was shortlisted in The Fostering Network Excellence Awards, Sons and Daughters category, amongst hundreds of nominations. Here is a little snippet of Leah’s Making a difference story:

Leah is 13 years old, her Mum Debbie has been a foster carer with Fair Ways since before she was born. She is a caring young person who has shown amazing resilience over the years. Leah has been a great support and shows compassion and understanding to the young people who have joined her family. Leah has lived with 12 young people on a permanent basis, and together with her mum has offered an amazing 150 occasions of respite and short breaks to children and young people of all ages. Leah has welcomed these children into her home and they regularly tell us they consider her a friend. What an achievement.

I think we can all agree that she should be very proud of her contribution to Foster Care. On behalf of Everybody at Fair Ways, Well Done Leah.

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