Planting a Timecapsule

This year, the garden of our children’s home in Bournemouth is being transformed and rejuvenated with the support of a local company – Eco Sustainable Solutions Ltd, which has generously donated the soil required to create a miniature orchard.

The young people at Paddington have been heavily involved throughout this project, helping to clear the ground, move the soil and get it ready for planting. The trees will be sourced from a local nursery and each young person at the home will pick their own fruit tree to plant in the mini orchard. With a bit of time and a lot of care, the young people will hopefully see the fruits of their labour with some tasty home-grown fruit.

There is something wonderfully symbolic for young people in care to plant their own trees and create roots. These relatively simple projects help foster a sense of belonging and pride in the environment they live in. Additionally, we will be creating a time capsule that will provide the young people with a tie to the home when they move on and grow up. This has great symbolism and will be something the young people can re-visit when they wish to look back at fond memories from their time with Fair Ways in Bournemouth. 

The preservation and protection of our planet by doing projects locally is something that we’re very passionate about, so we’re absolutely thrilled to be supporting Fair Ways with this project – not only to raise awareness but also to educate future generations.

Harrie Cooper, Eco Sustainable Solutions Ltd

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