Fair Ways Supports Staff During Cost of Living Crisis

As a family-friendly employer and a children’s services charity, Fair Ways has always prided itself on its ability to combine the efficiency of the private sector, with the care and compassion of a charity.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Fair Ways created an Employee Assistance Scheme that offered our staff protection, assurance and financial assistance if required. The scheme is open to all members of staff and foster carers, with a total available allowance of £10,000 per year.

In the past year, Fair Ways has responded to the cost-of-living crisis with increases in salary across the organisation. As a charity, we will always focus first on our lowest-paid colleagues. They are receiving a total increase in salary of 11.5%, and the majority of staff receiving a total of 7% pay increases in a 12-month period

Our staff are central to what we do and how we do it. Providing high-quality care, support and education to vulnerable children, young people and families is a rewarding career, and we appreciate the hardship that our team members would be feeling. Therefore, I am very happy to be able to announce our plans to continue to support them during these tough times.

Gareth Webb, Fair Ways Managing Director

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