Introducing the Lowdown Podcast

We are excited to officially launch the Lowdown Podcast to members of the public.

During the show, we will speak to a number of individuals who have lived or currently live in care to find out about their stories and how they have dealt with the stigma of growing up ‘in care’. The topics can range widely from early memories to college and mental health; with us facilitating the conversation being led by the young person.

So far we have spoken to individuals that have lived in fostering, residential, supported-living and attended Fair Ways schools. As we continue, we hope to hear a wide range of stories and experiences that will benefit a wider audience.

In basic terms, we wanted to hear their stories, on their terms, in their own words.

We welcome your comments as we hope this will open the discussion and reach as many as possible.

You can find the Lowdown Podcast on the Fair Voices YouTube channel here.

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