Fair Ways win Best Employee Development Programme (In-house) at the UK Company Culture Awards

We are delighted to share that Fair Ways has been awarded the Best Employee Development Programme (In-house) Award at the 2024 UK Company Culture Awards.

This was the second consecutive year Fair Ways was shortlisted for the Best Employee Development Programme of the Year for our RiiSE programme, finishing as highly commended in 2023, and the ultimate winner in 2024.

Fair Ways has always sought to deal with the most distressed and vulnerable children, to provide stable placements and provide world-class care and support.

We are delighted that our RiiSE training programme has become recognised as the benchmark for the development of knowledge and skills for people to understand the effects of exposure to various forms of childhood adversity, abuse, neglect, violence and other problematic behaviours as methods for coping with that adversity.

Our people are the standard bearers for care, compassion, strong values and therapeutic principles, and RiiSE is the golden thread that is woven through the organisation that continues to deepen and unfold over time.

Fair Ways’ outstanding programme has significant potential for industry-wide impact, with it’s systematic approach to reducing restraints and improving mental health outcomes for children in care. The team’s commitment to investing in a trauma-informed care model demonstrates their dedication to improving practises and setting a new standard within the sector.

UK Company Culture Awards – Judges Comments

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