Breakfast time for Kids

Growing up, we were all told breakfast is the most important meal of the day and there is a good reason why 

Children and adults all need a healthy breakfast to set them up for the day ahead. Children in particular need a balanced breakfast to boost their energy and alertness. 

But what breakfast is the best choice for kids and how can you make it as healthy and balanced as possible? Keep reading for some simple breakfast ideas that are great for all ages. 

  1. Fortified cereals (containing added vitamin and minerals) are a great choice for kids, being  quick and easy in the busy school mornings, . They often include Vitamin D for strong bones and iron to prevent iron deficiency. There are loads of brands  including own brand versions, making them even more cost effective. Try and chose one that is not high in sugar such as rice krispies shredded wheat, Weetabix and best of all porridge.  
  1. Toast is Britain’s most popular breakfast choice, in fact over 11 million loaves of bread are sold every day! Toast is a quick cheap, easy choice on busy mornings.  Choose  50/50 bread, so kids get the taste of white bread with the added fibre of wholemeal.  

If eating is a struggle  make it more fun by cutting the toast into shapes; e.g  stars, dinosaurs or  love hearts.  The real  secret is what you put on toast  and this can add lots of extra goodness to their diet, why not try a nut butter and chopped banana for some added protein and one of the 5 a day.  

  1. How do you like your eggs in the morning? Scrambled, fried, poached or boiled, it doesn’t matter how they are cooked. Eggs are a fantastic protein source which makes them a filling and healthy option for breakfast.  Scrambled eggs on toast with some berries and avocado on the side with a glass of milk, is a lovely breakfast for the whole family, and includes foods from the all the main food groups, (carbohydrates, protein, dairy and healthy fats plus its one of your 5 a day. If your child doesn’t like scrambled eggs (sometimes the texture puts them off) why not try some old fashioned eggs and soldiers as a fun breakfast choice.  

* dippy eggs for under ones should have the British lion mark on them to make them food safe.  

Whatever your child eats for breakfast, a glass of water with a glass of fruit juice is a great addition to breakfast, not only will these drinks keep them hydrated but it will tick off one of their 5 a day and is filled with amazing vitamins like vitamin C, which helps strengthen their immunity. 

Finally, although a healthy and balance breakfast is what’s best for children, we understand that sometimes mornings don’t go to plan.. But fear not, a little snack on the journey will be greatly received. There are many breakfast/cereal bars on the market, which although not ideal for everyday will be fine as a one-off and paired with a piece of fruit or a pot of yogurt will still mean your kids go to school with food in their tummy and the energy to tackle the day ahead.

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