Who can become a foster carer?

If you are interested in being a foster carer you may be wondering what kind of person can become a Foster Carer. Children and young people in Fostering come from a variety of different backgrounds, and so do foster parents.


The minimum age requirement of a Foster Carer is 21 but there is no maximum age for becoming a Carer, as long as you are fit and healthy and have the suitable characteristics then age shouldn’t hold you back. In fact, there are many Foster Carers over the age of 55 and many are retired. More important than your age is that you meet the criteria to foster and have enough experience to care for a foster child or young person.

Marital status

Single, married, divorced or widowed, in a civil partnership or living with a long term partner… you can become a Foster Carer.

Both men and women make great Carers, so don’t let your gender hold you back from applying.

At Fair Ways we welcome applications from people regardless of their sexual orientation. If you are straight, gay or bisexual you can become a Foster Carer. Different people bring different skills, knowledge and experiences to Fostering.

Living circumstances

If you have your own children at home and want to become a foster parent then this is absolutely possible. If you have your own children/child living at home with you then we match the foster child or young person placed with you to ensure the needs of your family and circumstances are met.

If you don’t have any children of your own then you can still become a foster parent. You do need to have experience of looking after a child but this can be through family contact, employment or volunteering.

Financial situation

If you are concerned that you cannot afford to give up your job to become a foster parent then it is important to be aware that at Fair Ways, we pay professional fostering rates, a minimum of £395 per week for each child, which covers the financial costs plus a reward element for carer. We need both Carers who can commit full-time and part time to caring for a child or young person and many Carers choose Fostering as a career change.

Personal attributes

Great Foster Carers are flexible, understanding, and resilient and want to learn new skills. Fostering is challenging and takes time and commitment. A good sense of humour, patience, kindness and self-awareness are all important.

If you are interested in becoming a Foster Carer with Fair Ways, contact us today.