2019 Gender Pay Gap

Fair Ways has published annual Gender Pay Gap information since 2018. This is a significant issue for the company and Fair Ways has committed to a strategy of reducing the gender pay gap over time. Fair Ways has just completed the data for 2019 and we want to reflect on the progress in the past year to ensure that this issue remains current.

A Fair Ways focus group on Gender Pay Gap has recognised the following:

  • That although Fair Ways does pay men and women equally for the same role, there is a Gender pay Gap as a result of more men being in more senior positions.
  • Seeing women in higher positions is something Fair Ways does aspire to and shows that the company does promote women.
  • That it will be a slow process to reduce the gap but in time this is achievable.

During 2019, Fair Ways has focused on a policy of flexible working for women, especially those returning to work for child care reasons.  This focus will continue as the aim is to encourage all women, including those in more senior roles, to return to work or remain at work through greater support and flexibility. Examples of this are job sharing, flexible hours to fit in with lifestyle changes and support to have greater quality time. One of the results of the current pandemic has been to demonstrate just how much we can achieve through technology-enabled working from home.

We are pleased to advise that we have a number of staff that are now supported with more flexible working packages, and in addition, an increase in the number of women in more senior positions, including in the past six months, our new Director of Health.

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