Fair Ways release 2022 / 2023 Gender Pay Gap Report

Fair Ways have published annual Gender Pay Gap information since 2018. This is a significant issue for the company and the Board is committed to a strategy of reducing the gender pay gap over time.

In Fair Ways, our summary position is as follows:

  • Although Fair Ways does pay men and women equally for the same role, there is a Gender Pay Gap (GPG) as a result of more men being in more senior positions.
  • In 2022/23 the GPG increased however, this can be directly attributed to the departure of two senior female directors in the period. 
  • As part of Fair Ways’ longer-term strategy, more females are being promoted to senior positions in Fair Ways. 
  • Seeing women in higher positions is something Fair Ways does aspire to and shows that the company does promote females.
  • It will be a slow process to reduce the Gender Pay Gap, but in time this is achievable.


The GPG increased in Fair Ways in the past year. While this is a negative trend in the year, it can be directly attributed to the departure of two senior female directors. However, in the period, the Senior Leadership team was established. This forms part of the succession planning for Fair Ways, and now has 7 women of the 11 members in the team.  Over the longer term, this planning is expected to directly positively impact the Gender Pay Gap.

The 2022/2023 period has seen increased levels of staff turnover, directly as a result of the COVID pandemic and a challenging recruitment environment. 

Fair Ways remains focused on a policy of flexible working for women, especially those returning to work for childcare reasons.  This focus aims to encourage all women, including those in more senior roles, to return to work or remain at work through greater support and flexibility. Examples of this were job sharing, flexible hours to fit in with lifestyle changes and support to have greater quality time. 

One of the few positives results of the COVID pandemic has been to radically accelerate the move to hybrid working for those staff that can avail of this. It is expected that this flexibility will disproportionally benefit women employees and provide greater career options and we would expect the GPG statistics as a result.

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