Announcing Fair Ways in Bloom Winners

Fair Ways in Bloom is an annual, company-wide competition that encourages our homes and services to get a breath of fresh air, connect with nature and create some beautiful green spaces to enjoy. This friendly competition is also a chance for staff and service users to bond over a shared activity and learn new life skills.

This year there are eight categories, meaning there is a chance for everyone to get involved and win some prizes. The categories in the competition are:

  • Fair Ways in Bloom Champion
  • Design and Planning Award
  • Best Presentation Award
  • Innovation Award
  • Sustainability Award
  • Young Person / Service User involvement Award  
  • Best Hanging Basket Award
  • Tallest Sunflower Award

Judging was completed in July 2022, with judges visiting each of the entries across a 3 day period. Our judges met with each of the entrants, including young people (where possible), to talk through the planning stages, home/school engagement and their entry.

The judges were particularly impressed with the quality of gardens and presentations by each of the entrants this year, with young people keen to show off their work, how they have taken part in the competition and what they are looking to do in the next year.

The Winners

Fair Ways in Bloom Champion
Fair Ways School – Fort Wallington

Design and Planning Award
GLADE School

Best Presentation Award
GLADE School

Innovation Award
Fair Ways School – Swanwick

Sustainability Award
Fair Ways School – Fort Wallington

Young Person / Service User involvement Award
Garden House

Best Hanging Basket Award
Portchester Road

Tallest Sunflower Award
Portchester Road

Special commendations to Athelstan Place and Hider House for impressing the judges with the space they have designed, and their plans for the coming year. We can’t wait to see the progress next year!

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