Fair Ways are an official ‘Staying Close’ provider following successful pilot.

Fair Ways are proud to announce we are now 1 of 8 official care providers across the UK, working with the Department of Education (DFE) to provide Staying Close services.

Fair Ways have successfully completed a 3-year pilot scheme, to optimise the transition of young people from full time Residential care at 16 into Supported living. Young people currently face a ‘cliff edge’, leaving full time care at 18 years, ill-equipped to deal with challenges and without access to previous professional support levels. This has resulted in years of negative outcomes across the UK.

Fair Ways have successfully demonstrated a step-down care approach from 18 and beyond, that dramatically increases positive life chances for young people leaving full time care. 

Fair Ways approach provides person centred, therapeutic care where the focus is working with young people to develop the life skills needed for independence while maintaining positive ‘Staying Close’ relationships with support networks. 

“We are extremely proud that Fair Ways are now a national Staying Close provider. Our approach has given amazing opportunities and outcomes to service users leaving care and has enabled them to maintain healthy positive relationships on their journey into adulthood.’  Craig Alexander – Head of service Supported living and Staying Close & Amy Reeves – Staying close project manager

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