Myth Busting Fair Ways Community Outreach

Fair Ways Outreach service was formed with a simple vision – expanding the care and support that Fair Ways offers’ to children and young adults in our care, to those in need of care and support within the community or home environments.

In some cases, moving from children’s services to adult services at the age of 18, service users lose one group of professionals, who are replaced with a whole new support network. Fair Ways Outreach aim to provide consistency. As they go through the transition from child to adult, we are the familiar faces that help smooth out any cracks in the transition and offer the support and consistency required to get good outcomes.

One of our biggest struggles is recruiting engaged and experienced carers to help support the number of service users and families that need our help.

You will find a selection of our most asked questions, to really find out what Fair Ways Community Outreach is like, below.

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