Young people leaving care too early

Young people leaving care too early

For young people aged 16-25 who are leaving care, Fair Ways offers a post 16 transition service. This includes:

  • Accommodation
  • Support
  • Counselling
  • Education

We are able to offer medium to long term placements as well as emergency placements to support young people who may be leaving care too early.

Those leaving care may struggle to cope with the transition to adulthood and may experience social exclusion, unemployment, health problems or end up in custody. Fair Ways acknowledge that this is a very daunting time for young people; when the average age for young people leaving home for the first time is in their late twenties there is an expectation of accelerated adulthood for the most vulnerable young people. The expectation for them to be prepared and ready to be fully independent at age 18 can often be unfulfilled.

The cost of not moving into adulthood successfully is likely to be high to both care leavers and the public. We believe that by working with young people to develop a greater belief and understanding of their relationship with the world in which they live and the impact that they have on it, we are able to develop their internal loci of control and increase their ability to engage in pro-social interactions with society and their local community.

Fair Ways aims to provide a warm, accepting and safe environment to support young people, to gain the practical and emotional skills necessary to live independently and engage positively in the community. Whilst we aim to provide young adults with stability, consistency and acceptance the emphasis has to be on the young adults being responsible for themselves. The purpose of the staff is to support, advise and report, not to tell or instruct.

We endeavour to make a positive difference to these young people and help them to successfully transition from care to adulthood.

Post 16 Transition Service

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