Fair Ways Therapeutic Hub Service

The Hub is an example of how Fair Ways reinvests its surplus back into the charity, ensuring we have the best teams, offering services that would otherwise be unavailable. We are industry-leading in this sense.

Many people believe that trauma therapy is magic that happens in a room with a therapist, but it’s the amazing work that our teams do every day that has the power to heal complex trauma.

The Hub at Fair Ways support our teams in getting individuals to feel safe, have their physical needs met and experience security so that they can begin to belong, experience love, build their self-esteem, understand the impact that trauma has had on them and thrive despite the adversity they’ve experienced.

Our multidisciplinary team are experienced clinicians, offering a wide variety of specialist assessments and interventions. They work to offer the services that those in our care deserve, supporting our amazing frontline staff in their incredible work building safety and meeting children and young people’s physical needs.

We offer:

  • Duty Service to support team members in times of crisis, all with questions or concerns around specific situations.
  • Debriefs are available to team members after stressful or particularly complex events. These allow them to process any difficulties, be supported and learn continuously. To further support building security and creating environments where young people can feel loved and belong,
  • Support with Referrals allows us to have things in place so that individuals progress from day one with Fair Ways, as well as reducing placement breakdown.
  • Specialist Training to support teams understanding complex presentations resulting from neurodiversity; ADHD, Autism, developmental or learning differences. It also allows us to train brain staff in managing symptoms such as self-harm, harmful sexualised behaviour or aggression.
  • Assessments of individuals to help us ascertain where they are at on their trauma recovery journey and to structure the support so that we offer the right thing at the right time.
  • Tailored Consultations allow us to discuss the ongoing needs of individuals, allowing them to build a safe and secure base along a neuro-sequentially sensitive pathway with individual key workers or foster carers.
  • Monthly Reflective Supervision helps team members to think about, and manage the emotional impact this work has on us, allowing us to regulate ourselves and be trauma-informed, even in the most challenging circumstances.
  • Managers’ Monthly Reflective Supervision allows our managers to understand the complex systems and to regulate their teams.

Once all of the above are in place and we are getting the basics right, we can offer Direct Therapeutic work to support individuals in developing their self-esteem and in reaching and understanding themselves, and their story.

Initially that includes topics such as Coping Skills and Occupational Therapy work to help them regulate their bodies in emotional states as well as Psychoeducation around trauma and how it’s impacted their life. Our team will then move to offering space where they can explore and process their experience through Life Story Work, Talking Therapies, Family Therapy, EMDR, DDP, TheraPlay, Music Therapy or other approaches specifically tailored around that young person’s therapeutic needs.

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