The Wait Is Over… Fair Ways Future Leaders Programme

‘If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you

After the enormous success of our inaugural leadership programme, and a year of lockdown restrictions behind us, we are excited to have opened applications for the 2022 Future Leaders programme.

Leaders are made, not born, and a title doesn’t automatically make a good leader – that’s our belief. Sure, some people have an innate set of traits and values that lend themselves to good leadership, but we fundamentally believe that true leadership is learned. We believe in teaching it, role-modelling it, and providing the experience and reflective space with which to embed it. That’s why we’ve developed this year-long course – to do just that. We don’t want managers that people obey out of obligation or fear, that’s not what we’re about; we are on a mission to harness potential and from that grow a generation of leaders that inspire and nurture others – leaders that help them build a deep connection with the cause. In short, become true leaders that people choose to follow.

  • Yes, we teach specific skills and leadership theory
  • Yes, we teach leadership models
  • Yes, we teach specific processes critical to operational business

But the most powerful aspect of our course is how we actually bring this to life and the journey of self-discovery and change our delegates embark upon as a result. As important as skills and knowledge are to a leader, they lose their value without the ability to understand themselves and others. Dealing with adversity, making mistakes, experiencing failure and sitting with vulnerability present great opportunities for learning and are central to our Future Leaders ethos.

Remember, other people decide whether you’re a leader and whether they will follow, because leadership is a behaviour. So come and join us and learn how to develop it and become one.

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