Our favourite board games

Are you a competitive board game player? Have you been known to throw a strop over a monopoly board in your past… don’t worry we’ve all been there 🤣.

A board game is a staple in many households over Christmas, our fostering team and our foster carers all agree a new game at Christmas makes a lovely gift and a great activity for boxing day. So we have compiled a list of 10 of our favourites that are suitable for kids of all ages this Christmas.

Rhino Hero (or Rhino hero super battle): great game bit like jenga but less irritating (I hate having to rebuild the tower) and this is way more interesting, great for all ages. Available here.

-Emoji card game: (I buy this for every party/birthday my kids get invited to🙈) silly fun card game even the adults will enjoy. Available here

-Bank Attack: win together or fail together. Work quickly together as a team passing and sharing tools with each other to beat the clock, break into the safe and win the gold. Available here.

-Labyrinth: it’s a classic for a reason (pick your favourite theme, Disney, Star Wars, Harry Potter) race around the maze of moving walls to collect your items first. Available here.

-Ice Cool: great game where the box turns into the playing area. Flicking your penguin and trying to pull off trick shots as you move around the school trying to collect fish and not get caught. Available here

-Dobble: Fast little card game with 5 different ways to play adds lots of replay ability. Available in lots of themes so pick your favourite. Available here

-Cobra Paw: roll the dice and be the first to get a finger on the matching tile, remember what tiles you have already won to stop the other players winning them off of you. Available here

-OK play: Choose a colour, grab your stack of tiles and start laying down tiles until someone sneaks a line of five, either horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Durable, waterproof and perfectly travel-sized. Available here

-Drop It: players choose a shape of their colour and drop it in the vertical game board. If the shape doesn’t break any landing rules based on where it landed, you earn points. Aim for extra points by dropping shapes to land in a circle! Players take turns dropping their shapes until all have been used. The player with the most points wins! Available here

-Colour Brain/Colour Brain jnr: general knowledge type game but every answer is a colour. How well do you remember Disney characters clothing etc. Available here

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