If I transfer agencies, will I lose the children living with me?

foster carer hugs foster child

All foster carers in the UK do an incredible job of looking after young people on a daily basis. Occasionally foster carers may wish to move to another agency. This can be for multiple reasons. However a key factor preventing carers moving agencies is the fear they would lose the children placed with them. This is a very real and understandable fear especially where these placements and well established and embedded into the family.

We wrote this blog to assure all foster careers in the UK that transferring to another agency will not affect the children placed with you

The Fostering Network, the UK’s leading fostering charity provides a clear guide for agencies confirming  “The principles of the transfer protocol recognise that all foster carers have the right to freedom of movement between fostering services.” The stability of the placement for the young person should be the priority for all parties involved, if the young person is thriving in their current foster home, then remaining in this home with a foster family that they have built positive relationships with, will be in their best interest. You can read the transfer protocol here.

This transfer process is simpler and faster than your initial assessment to foster. When transferring to Fair Ways we estimate the process will take around 3 months from the day you enquire to having child in placement with you

Fair Ways became a charity in 2021 and our Fostering Agency is rated as Outstanding by Ofsted. In the past two years have had many amazing foster carers transfer to us. A common theme is foster carers moving away from agencies who have become large and corporate and where the focus appears to be on costs and not children.  One recent transferee to Fair Ways commented;

“When we first spoke to Fair ways, the whole not-for-profit was really appealing, now having moved, I can say that Fair Ways really do put people first, and children first rather than money”.

If you would like to transfer to an Outstanding Fostering charity, please get in contact today on fostering.info@fairways.co or call us on 02380 230 400

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