2017 / 2018 Autumn Term News & Events

Swanwick School

Halloween – All students came together and took part in various different Halloween activities including pumpkin carving and then decorating their pumpkins. They also engaged in word searches and Halloween quizzes, face painting and Halloween walks. A massive thank you to staff that were involved and encouraged the young people to take part in all the different activities available for them.

Anti-Bullying Week – Students explored and took part in learning and producing work around anti-bullying throughout the week. This included a student meeting around anti-bullying where students produced posters for around the schools and then helped put the work up for a school display. Pupils discussed as a team the various different types of bullying and how to seek for help if it was needed. All students engaged well together and put a huge amount of effort into all work produced.

Children in Need – This year’s theme for was to wear your pyjamas to work/school day. Staff and students attended school in either their pyjamas or onesies, even those who were offsite for the day! All students really enjoyed the day and even took part in weekly point reward in their pyjamas. The school raised £68 and a huge thank you to everyone involved and helping raise the money.

Shoe Box Appeal – Students were given an opportunity to create and decorate a shoe box for the Salvation Army Christmas appeal. All students put a lot of hard effort and engaged well ensuring the shoes boxes were full of useful resources. Some students even donated some of their weekly point reward money and brought items to put into their shoe boxes. Students were also given a great chance to then deliver their shoe boxes to the salvation army and engage with the people who were running the project.


Totton School

Halloween & Guy Fawkes – All students took part in a Halloween party planned by one of the students with pumpkin carving, Halloween games and decorating Halloween biscuits.  In the morning before the party the students completed work in their lessons around Guy Fawkes and the gunpowder plot.

Remembrance Day – Students learnt about why we have Remembrance Day. They completed work around war and remembrance poems. They then created poppies and medals out of different materials.

Anti-Bullying Week – The students discussed with staff what bullying is and the consequences. They drew around their hands and staff hands and recognised 5 people that they themselves could turn to if they had an issue with bullying. They the assisted staff with 5 people they could turn to if they had an issue to help them recognise that anyone can be a victim of bullying. Finally, they used their discussions to write on paper leaves different ways in which the school can promote kindness and be a bully free zone. These leaves were then used to create an anti-bullying tree display.

Children in Need – Students ran a Christmas Fete to raise money for Children in Need. The made decorations, gifts and cakes to be sold at the fete and raised over £130 for Children in Need. A separate raffle was also held, the profits of which went to Fair Ways School.

Road Safety Week – During Road Safety Week, students looked at different forms of crossing and road signs. They also looked at the rules of the road. Students then used what they had learnt to go for a walk around Totton safely, while taking note of different types of crossings.

Hanukah – Students learnt about how Jewish people celebrate Hanukah and then made their own candles and candle holders.

Shoe Box Appeal – The students completed work on homelessness in the UK and thought about how they would feel in that position and what they might like to receive as a homeless person. They then put together 23 Christmas shoeboxes for homeless people in Southampton. One of the students then delivered the shoeboxes to Society of St. James in Southampton.

Christmas / Christingle – The students attended a Christingle service where they made their own Christingle oranges and learnt about the meaning of each of the aspects of a Christingle. They also learnt about the meaning of Christmas to Christians.

 On Christmas week the students also went to Toby Carvery for a group Christmas meal to celebrate Christmas and build on their social skills.