Foster Care Myths

If you are considering fostering but think there is something preventing you from doing so, the chances are you are not the first person to think it. Click on the links below to learn the truth around many common myths or fears regarding fostering.

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Here are a few things our carers have said about fostering

Foster Care Myths“I was very nervous when we had our first placed child, still wondering what the reality would be following all the training and assessment. I soon realised that simply the stability of being there for a child helped start the trust for them. The day to day care, record keeping, visits, meetings and things soon became part of our household routine. Some of the children were clearly traumatised and some would push boundaries to the limit. I have asked myself sometimes if I had done the right thing but when you start to see positive changes, no matter how small, it makes it all worth every minute of your time and patience. Fostering isn’t an easy job, but the rewards are priceless”.

“Fostering gives a child a chance at having a normal, stable life and allows them to be a child instead of worrying about different things. It gives them someone who will not reject them and who will listen to what they have to say. It helps them to achieve personal goals however small or big. We think every child deserves the opportunity to experience a loving, stable family life. The Collective Care philosophy of Fairways Foster Care made us feel fully supported in our role and gave us the tools to repair some of the damage these children have suffered.”

“As a carer, I would say that if you have an interest in childcare, and you have the time and patience to give, then fostering is the most worthwhile thing you can do! It is not easy sometimes as the children can come to you with many issues that they need your support with, but if you can support them through difficult times the rewards for both them and you are immense. The benefits of seeing a child grow in self-confidence, becoming contented and well balanced outweigh any negative challenges that you can face at times.”

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