Foster Carer Support

Foster Carer Support

If you are thinking about becoming a foster carer then support may be at the top of your list of questions. Sufficient and good quality support for foster carers can be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful placement. It is essential to ensure that as a foster carer you receive all of the support you need.

It is essential when deciding to become a foster carer and choosing an agency to use, to consider the amount, type and quality of the support you will receive.

If you decide to become a foster carer through Fairways, you will receive the following support:


Regular support and supervision from our fully qualified social workers who each have a maximum number of only 10 cases.

Crisis intervention

With in-house access to respite and emergency solutions, you will receive first class crisis intervention support. These extra support resources allow us to help you immediately and tailor a response to any critical situation.

Support workers

With access to over 50 skilled and experiences support workers, we can provide your foster child with the 1:1 support they need for any behavioural or emotional difficulties they may have in addition to your social worker.

School and staff

An exclusive resource, at Fairways we have our own unique Ofsted registered special needs school for children/young people who may not have an educational placement, are excluded or are school phobic. Another great resource available for our foster carers if necessary.

Respite care

It is important for foster carers to be able to take a break every now and then and at Fairways we provide a respite service in order for you to recharge your batteries. Our belief that “prevention is better than cure” works and is valuable to both child and carer

Support group

It is essential for foster carers to have the opportunity to connect with other carers to share their experiences and concerns. Once you become an approved foster carer with Fairways, we will pay for your membership to the national foster care organisation – Fostering Network. They provide support, regular newsletters, access to independent advice and representation if necessary.

Therapeutic support

At Fairways we have a full time manager of Therapeutic care and psychotherapist. You will therefore have the ability to work through any challenging issues you have with the young people placed with you and the chance to achieve direct 1:1 therapy if appropriate.

To find out more about becoming a foster carer with Fairways, contact us today.