Children and Young People’s Panel

On Thursday evening we held our first ever Children and Young People’s Panel. We had 3 amazing foster children volunteer to join us for a virtual panel with some prospective Foster Carers. 

Each child came up with some questions and after we welcomed the carers the children got to ask their own questions, ranging from pocket money, painting their bedrooms to how foster carers would deal with more emotional situations.

After the panel the children were given the opportunity to give their feedback and thoughts on how the carers did. We had a really positive response from the children who took part, and they all said they would like to be involved again. We also had positive feedback from the carers saying “they felt that the children’s panel was a brilliant thing to do and a good confidence builder for the children.”

As the Children and Young People’s Panel was such a great success we will be building this into the process of becoming a Foster Carer with Fair Ways, giving the children a chance to be heard.

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