Annual Charitable Challenge

Each year Fair Ways Foundation will consider promoting an Annual Charitable Challenge with the only criterion being that the Challenge must be directly related to the Objectives of the Charity.

The inaugural Challenge, Solent for Syria, to fill a shipping container with specific donations in six weeks was launched in autumn 2015 and surpassed all expectations.

The Trustees aim to develop the Fair Ways Foundation Annual Charitable Challenge into a significant regional event, welcoming proposals from external parties to partner with the Foundation for this event.

Solent for Syria

Annual Charitable Challenge

Solent for Syria is the inaugural Fair Ways Foundation Annual Charitable Challenge.  The Foundation partnered with Rays of Hope Limited charity with a clear brief to fill a large 44’ shipping container with donated aid in six weeks.  This shipping container would then be transported to Syria, specifically to provide aid to families and especially children. These families have been displaced by the war in Syria, and are now in refugee camps in Syria, existing in appalling conditions.

The Foundation was clear from the outset, that this Challenge was a humanitarian campaign with no religious or political bias.

Solent for Syria was launched to Fair Ways staff, and to the local community by Rays of Hope Limited.  The Challenge was divided into four separate campaigns for aid, promoted by a newly developed logo, website, poster and social media campaign.

The results were astonishing, not just filling the shipping container, but the fact that many people, especially Fair Ways staff, carers and young people freely volunteered hundreds of hours to sort and pack the donations.  The local Muslim communities donated impressive quantities of aid, and the campaign reached as far as the USA.  Full details are on the website

In January 2016, the aid was successfully transported into Syria by Rays Of Hope Ltd charity and distributed to the children of an area near Aleppo. Please see the Solenet for Syria website for more details and photographs.

The 2016 Fair Ways Foundation Annual Charity Challenge will be announced in due course.