Foster Carers children

Foster Carers’ children

Becoming a foster carer for the first time can have a huge impact on your children and everybody living in the household. The whole family should be involved in the decision to foster, because sons and daughters have to share their parents, their toys and their friends. Often they also have to cope with difficult and challenging behaviour and so fostering is a learning process for the entire family.

Despite these difficulties, many say that being part of a fostering family has had a positive impact upon them, they made great relationships and collected fond memories along the way. We recognise the vital role that sons and daughters of foster carers can play in the success of fostering placements.

Fair Ways’ advice is to talk to your birth children regularly throughout the application process, to make a point of having regular family only time to discuss how being a foster family could or may affect you all, and how any difficulties that arise can be addressed.We at Fairways Foster Care acknowledge that birth children need alone time with their parents and arrange respite care for the foster child, when the foster children will spend time with their support worker/another foster carer to allow this to occur.

Fostering FAQ

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