Challenging the Status Quo: RiiSE Trauma-Informed Programme

In 2022, Fair Ways developed a new trauma-informed training programme we call RiiSE. This programme has been externally accredited and replaces the traditional restraint training techniques that have been in use across the industry for many years.

RiiSE (Relationship Inspired Ideas for Supportive Environments) is designed to provide a basis of knowledge about why behaviours are presented by the people we support and discuss ways of interacting that look at challenging behaviour with a new perspective.

“See a child differently and you’ll see a different child” – Dr Stuart Shanker

With over 340 members of staff trained in 2022, RiiSE has revolutionised how Fair Ways team members interact with young people, children and families in our care as well as each other as colleagues.

Implementation of this training has seen an amazing 52% reduction in Restrictive Physical Interventions across all services and a 100% decrease in the overall number of Front Ground Recovery Techniques since its launch. (Feb 2022 – Feb 2023)

The RiiSE programme is registered and accredited with BILD and the Restraint Reduction Network where it received high praise from the assessors for its depth of knowledge and child-centred approach.

Fair Ways will continue to develop this programme internally with a view to a potentially wider role out in future years.

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