Level 2 Award in Introduction to Effective Listening

The Level 2 Award will benefit you if you are interested in understanding other people and improving your personal and working relationships.

Due to the nature of the course, it has experiential elements which will involve some personal disclosure and associated personal developmental activities. This qualification is not suitable for those who are currently in a state of severe emotional difficulty and/or severe psychological confusion.

Course Aims

  • To improve relationships within workplace teams
  • To promote better community relations
  • To improve work roles
  • To improve communication
  • To enhance personal relationships
  • To enhance helping relationships

Learning Outcomes

  • To enhance and improve listening skills and self-awareness of participants
  • Emphasis will be given to working in groups and triads
  • To provide an understanding of the demanding nature of vocational training, especially in counselling skills training
  • To introduce experiential learning processes that will include elements of personal growth, such as developing self-reflection and self-awareness
  • To prepare the candidate to progress to level 3 where there are opportunities for further skill and awareness development

Assessment Methods

  • General Assessment
  • Peer Assessment
  • Tutor-Assessment
  • Self-Assessment

Course Criteria

  • 80% attendance (minimum)
  • Portfolio (made up of your assignments)

Final Grade

Pass – A minimum of 80% attendance, punctuality, attitudes, ability to reflect on your personal process and ability to take responsibility for your own learning, as well as your academic ability. Therefore positive attitudes or academic ability alone will not mean you will be awarded a final grade of Merit or Distinction.

Merit – A minimum of 90% attendance; completed all assignments to a good level and demonstrated satisfactory attitudes towards others and their study.

Distinction – A minimum of 90% attendance; completed all assignments to an understanding level and demonstrated excellent attitudes towards others and their study.

Duration: 8 weeks (3 hour tutorial per week)

Price: £175