Spring Term School Updates

SEMH School

PREVENT WORKSHOP – pupils attended a ‘prevent’ workshop operated by Hampshire Constabulary. Students learnt about terrorism and radicalisation. Pupils were informed about the dangers associated with the internet. Pupils got to pretend to be detectives for day and took part in an interactive session.

Chinese New Year – Pupils and staff celebrated Chinese New Year and took part in cooking traditional food and completing quizzes.

British Red Cross – selected pupils took part in a first aid course and were given the chance to practice lifesaving skills and bandaging each other up.


ASC School

BURNS NIGHT – pupils learnt about the history of burns night and the Scottish poet Robert Burns. Pupils enjoyed traditional haggis, cock a leekie soup and oatcakes.

Comic Relief – pupils engaged in a variety of activities to raise money for comic relief. Pupils and staff had lots of fun and splattered the Head Teacher in custard pies.

ON-LINE SAFETY – The local PCSO came to the school and delivered a session to pupils about on-line safety and key topics such as child exploitation and cyber bullying.