Solent For Syria Charity Helping Syrian People Southampton

Solent For Syria Charity Update

It gives us enormous pleasure and pride to update you all that the 44 foot container has now departed Fair Ways Head office bound for Syria. It should take approximately 6 weeks to get to Allepo – so will arrive there hopefully for the turn of New Year. Alongside our partner charity, Rays of Hope Limited, in only 10 weeks we managed to not only put in place the necessary logistics but more significantly have managed to collect the following amount of donations:

  • Over 1000 Tubs of Baby Milk Formula (which cost £8.50 per tub)
  • Over 1000 Shoe Boxes filled with toys and gifts to be given to Syrian school children
  • Over 40,000 nappies
  • Over 5,000 tins of food
  • A tonne of rice
  • School Equipment – including 5 projectors, 30 reconditioned laptops, pens, rulers, pencils, workbooks and calculators  
  • 750 Boxes of clothes and shoes (each box containing approximately 20 items of clothing)
  • 20 boxes of blankets

This might only be a small drop in the ocean when considering the vast crisis that is unfolding in Syria. With temperatures expected to drop well below zero in the coming months it is evident that our albeit comparatively small donation will make a significant difference to the individuals that we manage to reach. We also hope that it will send a message to the Syrian families that we are able to reach, that there are people who care for their plight and that they are not forgotten.

We will be updating the website with pictures etc, and also with information and images of the donations being distributed in Syria once we get these back (Likely this will be in January).

Finally we just wanted to say once again a big thank you to all involved. To all who managed to donate time, support and money to get this container filled – it was all of you who made this possible. Specifically though I wanted to say a really big thank you to all the Lovell family, Lynn Allen, Sarah O’Neil, Paul Moran and Chris Bell – without whom there is no way that this would have been the success that it was.

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