Secure Escort Service

Fair Ways will now be providing secure and non-secure escorts to social care professionals, which will be available to transport service users across the country. This service will be available for both planned and emergency escorts 7 days per week.

Fair Ways staff are trained to ‘ADVANCED TEAM-TEACH’ to manage all levels of risk to ensure the safe transport of young people across the country to the desired location. These escorts will range from 1:1 to 3:1 transport to ensure that the appropriate level of risk is mitigated and managed to a high standard.

Fair Ways will provide a very professional service where all escorts will be completely tailored to the client’s needs and requests. Fair Ways guarantee that all service users are transported between venues will remain safe, secure and treated fairly.

Our services will also offer secure hospital bed watch and court supervision and containment where required.

Areas Covered

Fair Ways is based in the South of England where we will be available to tailor any requirements across the country.

Fair Ways secure escort service will also be available to manage long distance travels which may include multiple locations and waiting times.

Secure Transport

Staff are experienced in secure escorts, secure ambulance and crisis intervention/challenging behaviours and an understanding of mental health.

Fair Ways will transport service users in a 7 seater vehicle which will blend in with society which will hopefully assist in reducing anxiety levels.

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