Family Centre Parenting Assessment Process

Each assessment begins and concludes in a planned way, we provide inclusive progress reports, individual risk assessments and Placement Agreement Plans are formulated and continually reviewed. Our staff team provide 24/7 supervision, monitoring and support. We have the option to use CCTV to keep all of our residents, staff and visitors safe. One bedroom has CCTV capability and this will only be operational with the permission of parent/s and service commissioners in the event of a significant high risk situation.

Residential parenting assessments are usually 12 weeks duration however, can be tailor-made if required.  Our community based assessments are carried out within 30 hours of contact time with the family by a qualified and registered social worker with safeguarding experience.  We have staff trained to undertake assessments using the PAMs (Parenting Assessment Model) designed for parents with learning needs.

The home can provide differing levels of supervision, monitoring and support which are tailor-made for each individual service user, dependent on risk assessments undertaken prior to placement. Where babies/young children are at risk of significant harm, local authorities can feel confident placing families with us as 24/7 supervision/monitoring can be facilitated by our skilled, experienced staff for whatever duration is needed.

We anticipate that often a parent will require intensive support to work through past/present issues to enable them to recognise and understand the impact of their experiences on their parental capacity. Our family centre provides an environment in which significant positive change can be achieved and where babies/children’s needs are a priority, and remain a priority. Our specialist educational work provides parents with the opportunity to make the necessary changes to their parenting and lifestyle.  We support parents to develop a strong emotional bond with their child which often results in better decisions to provide good, safe care.

Move-on options are varied following the formal parenting assessment. We have parent and child Foster Carers linked to the Family Centre, whereby introductions can be made at the earliest opportunity.