Ty Rhos Bach – Crisis Intervention Unit

Crisis Intervention Centre Wales Child Care Fostering FosterFair Ways Crisis Care home is situated in the heart of the Brecon Beacons National Park in South Wales.  Young people placed engage in a highly structured programme of outdoor activities including:

  • Gorge walking
  • Rock climbing
  • Abseiling
  • Caving
  • Hill walking
  • Mountain biking
  • Coasteering

These activities provide a medium for building relationships and therapeutic work focusing on self-esteem, identity and the development pro-social coping skills to keep themselves and others safe before transitioning back into the community.


Young people placed at Ty Rhos Bach are likely to have experienced significant placement disruption and may be presenting with high risk behaviours.  The rural and extremely isolated location of the home supports young people to distance themselves from negative influences in the community.  We have successfully worked with young people presenting with high risk behaviours such as:

  • Extreme criminal behaviour
  • Significant substance mis-use
  • Prolific absconding
  • Children at risk of sexual exploitation
  • Violence and aggression toward others

Placements at Ty Rhos Bach have avoided the need for children to be placed in civil or criminal secure placements and enabled smooth transition into registered children’s homes and foster placements.

During the 12 week (maximum) stay there is a strong emphasis on behaviour management, creating structure to allow the young people to develop the necessary pro-social coping skills that may have been lacking before coming to Ty Rhos Bach.

The main objective is to provide young people with a therapeutic environment with the professional experienced staff to support the needs of the young people and educate them on expressing more socially acceptable ways to demonstrate their needs, rather than display aggressive or challenging behaviours.

“Ty Rhos Bach can offer placements to young people aged 11-18 and all young people are staffed on a minimum of 1:1 ratio during their stay.”

Fair Ways hold an AALA License (Adventure Activities Licensing Authority).  The licence indicates that Fair Ways has been inspected by the Adventure Activities Licensing Service on behalf of the Adventure Activities Licensing Authority, with particular attention paid to our safety management systems with young people, and the company has demonstrated compliance with nationally accepted standards of good practice in the delivery of adventure activities to young people, with due regard to the benefits and risks of the activity.

*All activities carried out by Fair Ways have been approved and are covered by our own Ecclesiastical Insurance (Public Indemnity and Professional Liability).