At Fair Ways, one of our core values is ‘Making a difference’.  We believe a key way we can achieve this is by challenging the perceptions of society about the young people in our care. Too often they are written off, or dismissed as being anti-social and a burden on society.

Unsurprisingly we disagree and part of our mission is education, not only of the young people in our care, but also to a wider audience. As a charity owned organisation we have the opportunity to change perspectives and add value in unexpected ways.

We have developed our Projects & Challenges programme and look to complete a number of these each year. Each Challenge or Project involves our young people providing skills, experiences and opportunities that would not otherwise have been available to them.

We also want to create positive experiences in the wider community linked to projects completed by Fair Ways, again as a constant reminder of the tremendous potential of our young people and the fact that we Never Give Up on them.

Funding for these initiatives is provided by Fair Ways Foundation, donations by Fair Ways staff and externally raised funds by Fair Ways Fundraising officer.

What is the difference between a Challenge and a Project?

Challenge – We will look to encourage and push young people in our care to do things they never previously believed they were able to do. This could be anything from mountain-climbing to swimming challenges; and everything in between!

Project – Our Projects take place in the communities where we are based and its our way of giving back but also to constantly challenge the commonly held perceptions about young people in care.  Each of our projects will involve our young people and staff and outside experts as appropriate.



  • Trek Kilimanjaro

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  • Challenge Coming Soon!

  • Challenge Coming Soon!

  • Challenge Coming Soon!